Company registration in EU and other foreign countries

Registration of companies in the EU

The Private Limited Liability Company ‘Anra Investicija’ founds companies in Lithuania and acts as the intermediary in registration of companies in the Baltic States, European Union and other countries. Registration of companies in different countries and different legal status of companies allow to carry out and develop a commercial activity on more favourable conditions.

If you are intending to commence your business, develop it to the extent of other markets or restructure your operations, do not hesitate to approach us. We shall assist you in finding out an optimal solution.

Countries for companies‘ registration:

AT                       EE                        LT                       LV                            DE
          AT                                            EE                                            LT                                           LV                                               DE
HU                       CZ                        PL                       NL                            MT
IL                       UK

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