Accounting and audit services

UAB “Anra Investicija” provides accounting and auditing services

Accounting&Bookkeeping&Consultancy are provided pursuant to laws of the Republic of Lithuania, the Business Accounting Standards, the Government Resolutions and other national and European legislation.
Accounting services that we provide include comprehensive management and regulation of your company finance. We pay the particular attention to the quality of the provided services and we really take care for our costumers. We shall aim to fulfill your expectations.

Accounting&Bookkeeping Services (UAB, MB, Individual activity) – from processing of primary documents to preparation and submission of statements. We may also arrange neglected accounting for previous periods. This service includes processing of primary documents and preparation and submission of specified statements for proper institutions and heads.


  • Registration of purchase and sale invoices;
  • Registration of bank operations;
  • Registration of cash operations;
  • Booking of long-term and short-term assets;
  • Booking of debts;
  • Booking of accountable persons;
  • Calculation of wages and registration thereof in accounting;
  • Drawing up and submission of tax returns and statements for supervisory state institutions;
  • Annual financial statements;
  • Statements for a company management.

Additional services:

  • Drawing up staff documentation (employment contracts, orders, certificates, etc.);
  • Arrangement of neglected accounting;
  • VAT code introduce;
  • Statistics and Intrastat reports.

Service from 100 Eur / month. Contact: El. mail –

Tel. – +37069952185

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