Free economic zones in Lithuania

There are two free trade zones in Lithuania, located in economically significant state regions. Free trade zones have to create favourable conditions for business development ensuring areas with developed material and legal infrastructure prepared for operations, additional services and tax exemptions.

The free trade zone of Klaipeda is a part of multimodal transport centre network. Its size amounts to  400 hectares.

The free trade zone of Klaipeda occupies a strategic place perfectly suited for companies which aim to transfer or develop manufacture, establish distribution centres and minimise logistic problems.

The free trade zone of Klaipeda is situated in the second largest city of Lithuania and in one of the biggest trade centre of the Baltic States. It is planned that the free trade zone of Klaipeda shall become one of the biggest free trade zone in the Baltic States. Its size shall amount to 500 hectares.

For the purpose of achievement a work permit in the Lithuanian free trade zone, any investment of not less than EUR 1 million to Lithuanian economy is required (a company equity – assets and turnover should amount to not less than EUR 1 million).

The following commercial activities are promoted in free trade zones: supply of gas, water and electricity; construction; retail and wholesale; hotel and restaurant business; transport and logistics; real estate business; education and health care; publishing business; service business; manufacture of tobacco products.

Free trade zones do not apply profit tax within the first 6 years and apply 50% of profit tax exemption for the next 10 years. Land tax is subject to 50% discount during the whole time of operation. A dividend tax and a real estate tax are not applied for foreign investors.

Lithuanian and foreign companies which decided to develop their operation in the Lithuanian market may use support provided by EU Structural and Investment Funds. The financial support is provided for projects of three categories filed by public of private applicants: social projects, business investment projects and scientific research corporation and technology development projects.

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