Bank accounts opening in EU and other foreign countries

At present, a bank account opening service becomes more actual and complicated. The Private Limited Liability Company ‘Anra Investicija’ may assist you in the opening of a bank account in the European Union (EU) or other foreign country.

While the intermediation with banks established in different countries, we may offer the opening of bank account to:

  • natural persons;
  • legal persons (Lithuanian and foreign companies).

Important information – customers wishing to open bank accounts for existing companies (registered outside of our company) will be charged an additional fee of 200 euros for pre-examine clients company’s submitted documents.


Opening bank accounts in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Serbia and Latvia. 

We cooperate with banks where a bank account may be remotely opened (without arriving to a bank seat).

All banks offer control using online banking, servicing is provided in the English and/or Russian languages.

Multicurrency acounts

Multicurrency account allows to keep savings in different currencies.
Inflation and low deposit interest rates decreases depositors demand for ordinary bank deposit. In this case a lot of banks offers new financial instrument, such as multicurrency deposit. Such deposit allows to save funds from inflation, and also to obtain some extra incomings.
Savings in different currencies are profitable in case of big exchange rate fluctuations. It differs from ordinary deposits, because allows to open different currencies deposits within one deposit agreement.
Initial deposit may be effected in one currency, and savings structure is up to clients demand. It is available to tranfer funds between different currencies accounts within all period of deposit agreement, depending on exchange rate. Interest rate is different fore ach currency.
Currencies proportion may be changed mainuly fats, using internet banking or by visit to bank‘s Office.
Such savings are especially attracted to customers, who has incomings in one currency, but are planning to spend another one.


Payment cards

Payment card is electronicall instrument, allowing to effect fast and safe non-cash payments.


No-name cards
Debit card is dedicated only for cash withdrawal from ATM. These cards have high rate of confidentiality, since no holder name and signature marked. It is possible to chotose EUR, USD and latvian latas‘ as main card currency.


Credit cards

Master Card Standard and Visa Classic “Master Card Standard” and “Visa Classic” are worldwide recognized payment cards, offered to medium incomings customers. Card owners may use own funds, or credit line, offered by the bank.


Master Card Gold and Visa Gold “Master Card Gold” and “Visa Gold” are worldwide popular cards, for higher income custimers. Such cards means your social status and prestige.


Master Card Platinum ir Visa Platinum “Master Card Platinum” and “Visa Platinum” are Premium class cards, for VIP customers.

We consult regarding bank products, tariffs, procedures and required documentation.  The information linked to present services is constantly renewed by our staff.


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