Company registration in target areas

The accession of Lithuania to the European Union resulted various amendments in business structure and business principles, extended possibilities to select a country for registration of a company   because laws of each country are different.

The Private Limited Liability Company ‘Anra investicija’ assists in foundation of companies on the markets of the most popular jurisdiction.

Companies in target areas

Target areas (Offshore jurisdictions) – .

Nowadays, a classic offshore is recognised countries and areas with laws allowing to avoid profit tax for countries registered therein. Registration of a company in an offshore zone grants many advantages in management and allows its owner for legal optimization of taxes. However, companies registered in an offshore and a low tax zones are obliged to follow laws and business rules applied in a country of registration. The advantages granted in the most target areas are attractive for any field of operation: the most companies provided on the list are not required to submit annual financial statements, to  pay profit tax in a country of registration, as well as such company ensure an owner a certain anonymity. However, we would like to pay your attention to the fact that the anonymity remains increasingly less in the mentioned areas. Particularly, many amendments are implemented with regard to companies registered in the popular British Virgin Islands and Seychelles areas.

Onshore companies

An onshore company is a legal term meaning a financial centre without tax exemptions regardless of whether a company operates in this region or outside its borders. This is a common company in a traditional tax jurisdiction. An onshore area is used in the international space for the purpose of avoiding a double taxation and intending to emphasize the solidity of a company. Both offshore and onshore companies are allowed to register in the same jurisdiction. An onshore is acknowledged the companies registered pursuant to special laws regulating company operations. A certain advantages may be used by companies registered in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore.

Do not hesitate to approach us with regard to registration of companies in target areas or registration of onshore companies. We shall try to find out the solution complying the best with your needs and expectations.

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