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About us

The Private Limited Liability Company ‘Anra Investicija’ was incorporated in 2008. It has been commencing it’s active operations since 2009.

The main activity of the Company is registration of companies in Europe, including Lithuania, provision of accounting and legal services.

The Private Limited Liability Company ‘Anra Investicija’ cooperates with registrars, financial and law firms in Canada, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, as well as in Europe. Our Company may offer opening of a bank account in Europe, as well as in the Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The accumulated work experience, qualified employees shall assist you in the achievement of the goals pursued by the cooperation with the partners not only from Europe. We protect and respect our customer, therefore we do our best efforts to perform the work of good quality and timely. Appreciating our work and time and following the principle of mutual respect, we always take into account a customer’s wishes and our possibilities.

We are always ready for cooperation. You may expect our rapid reaction, understanding and assisting on any relevant matter. Moreover, we shall suggest the bank which offers the packet of services the most proper for your business and settlement operations.

We have one goal – to provide services of the best quality complying with a customer’s expectations. While the provision of services, we follow the principles of confidentiality, flexibility, trust, high quality, individuality and morality.


Bank accounts opening in EU and other foreign countries

Companies registration in EU and other foreign countries

Migration services, residence permits in EU and other foreign countries

Companies’ registration in target areas

Accounting and audit services

Companies administration and superintendence

Legal services

Insurance services

Social projects

Free economic zones in Lithuania

Agents and intermediaries

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At present, a bank account opening service becomes more actual and complicated. The Private Limited Liability Company ‘Anra Investicija’ may assist you in the opening of a bank account in the European Union (EU) or other foreign country.

While the intermediation with banks established in different countries, we may offer the opening of bank account to:

  • natural persons;
  • legal persons (Lithuanian and foreign companies).

We consult regarding bank products, tariffs, procedures and required documentation.  The information linked to present services is constantly renewed by our staff.

We cooperate with banks where a bank account may be remotely opened (without arriving to a bank seat).

All banks offer control using online banking, servicing is provided in the English and/or Russian languages.

Registration of companies in the EU

The Private Limited Liability Company ‘Anra Investicija’ founds companies in Lithuania and acts as the intermediary in registration of companies in the Baltic States, European Union and other countries. Registration of companies in different countries and different legal status of companies allow to carry out and develop a commercial activity on more favourable conditions.

If you are intending to commence your business, develop it to the extent of other markets or restructure your operations, do not hesitate to approach us. We shall assist you in finding out an optimal solution.


Countries for companies‘ registration:

If necessary, we can act as the intermediary in relationship with our customers developing the business in the EU and we may act as the intermediary applying for a temporary residence permit in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. The aforementioned countries have different requirements on this matter:


A temporary residence permit is granted on the ground of economic activity. A person may invest into any existing or newly founded legal entity or act as an individual interpreneur. The required amount of the investment should be not less than EUR 65.000 for a legal person and not less than EUR 16.000 for an individual interpreneur. An investment is recognised the own equity, contributions to assets or  subordinated loans.

For the purpose of achievement a temporary residence permit, the business should be carried out in Estonia – a company should commence active operations in the Estonian market, pay taxes, employ local residents.


Latvia offers a few ways for achievement a temporary residence permit:

  1. Acquisition of a real estate. The value of such property should be not less than EUR 250.000.
  2. A subordinated bank loan. We would like to emphasize separately that this is not fixed-term deposit prohibited by the country!!! The total cost of such mean amounts to not less than EUR 305.000 (the loan of EUR 280.000 and the duty stamp of EUR 25.000).
  3. An investment into a Latvian company should be over EUR 35.000.
  4. Employment in a Latvian board or council subject to a monthly wage is not less than EUR 1.368 and a company pays annual taxes of not less than EUR 14.300.


Business migration is available in Lithuania if an applicant for a temporary residence permit is:

  • a shareholder or / and manager of a Lithuanian company,
  • a participant of a company entitled to conclude transactions on behalf of thereof,
  • a shareholder of a public limited liability company or a private limited liability company owing shares of the value not less than 1/3 of authorised capital of a company.
  • an applicant for a temporary residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania has to submit the criminal record issued in the country of the residence.

A company is required:

  • documents of the company’s incorporation or acquisition as well as articles of association (regulations).
  • documents confirming the grounds for issue or replacement of a temporary residence permit – documents of the company’s incorporation or acquisition as well as articles of association (regulations), documents confirming that this company has been conducting, for a period not shorter than the last 6 months prior to the application for issue of a temporary residence permit, the activities indicated in the instruments of incorporation in the Republic of Lithuania (a business plan, agreements confirming economic-commercial activities, a transcript of the bank account information of this company, an annual corporation tax return, a premises’ lease agreement, etc.) and that no less than three jobs have been established in the company (or no less than five jobs if an alien complies with the requirements provided for in Article 45 (3) of the Law) and these jobs are occupied full-time by citizens of the Republic of Lithuania or aliens permanently residing in the Republic of Lithuania (employment contracts with these persons), documents confirming that the value of this company’s own capital (or, if the company is neither a public limited liability company nor a private limited liability company – the value of its assets) amounts to no less than 28,000 EUR (e.g. the company’s interim financial statement (a balance sheet or an own capital changes’ statement)) out of which no less than 14,000 EUR, or no less than 260,000 EUR, when an alien complies with the requirements of Article 45 (3) of the Law, are the funds or other assets invested by an alien, and documents confirming that this alien is the manager of such company, a member of its collegial management or supervisory body, or is a participant of the company as defined in the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter, a participant) having the right to enter into transactions on behalf of the company, or is a shareholder of a public limited liability company or a private limited liability company the nominal value of the company’s shares owned by which is not lower than 1/3 of the authorised capital of this company,
  • In case of the submission of an application for a temporary residence permit (older than 14 years) – a statement of a competent authority (-ies) of a foreign country (-ies), where the alien lived before arriving to the Republic of Lithuania or where s/he currently lives, certifying the fact that s/he has (not) been convicted of a crime in that (those) state (-s).
  • If the alien has been convicted, the statement must indicate the date and the nature of a criminal act where for the alien was convicted, the sentence imposed on her/him and whether or not it has been served which must be issued no earlier than 4 months prior to the day when the foreign national applied for issuing a temporary residence permit.
  • If the foreign national, during his or her stay in the Republic of Lithuania, asks to issue a temporary residence permit and provides a valid national visa of the Republic of Lithuania that the foreign national had when he or she came to the Republic of Lithuania, and if the foreign national intends to stay in the Republic of Lithuania, he or she may provide, in addition to the application for the permit, the aforementioned valid certificate(s) issued no earlier than 1 month prior to the day of receiving the national visa of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • If the alien has been convicted, the statement must indicate the date and the nature of a criminal act where for the alien was convicted, the sentence imposed on her/him and whether or not it has been served.
  • Certificate(s) that were issued by (a) competent authority (authorities) to confirm that has (no) criminal record in this (these) state(s) must be submitted with a translation into the Lithuanian language confirmed by the translator’s signature and legalised or certified by affixing an apostille according to the procedure stipulated in legal acts, except cases when in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, international treaties or legal acts of the European Union the document does not have to be legalised or certified by an apostille;


Do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.


The accession of Lithuania to the European Union resulted various amendments in business structure and business principles, extended possibilities to select a country for registration of a company   because laws of each country are different.


The Private Limited Liability Company ‘Anra investicija’ assists in foundation of companies on the markets of the most popular jurisdiction.


Companies in target areas

Target areas (Offshore jurisdictions) – .


Nowadays, a classic offshore is recognised countries and areas with laws allowing to avoid profit tax for countries registered therein. Registration of a company in an offshore zone grants many advantages in management and allows its owner for legal optimization of taxes. However, companies registered in an offshore and a low tax zones are obliged to follow laws and business rules applied in a country of registration. The advantages granted in the most target areas are attractive for any field of operation: the most companies provided on the list are not required to submit annual financial statements, to  pay profit tax in a country of registration, as well as such company ensure an owner a certain anonymity. However, we would like to pay your attention to the fact that the anonymity remains increasingly less in the mentioned areas. Particularly, many amendments are implemented with regard to companies registered in the popular British Virgin Islands and Seychelles areas.


Onshore companies

An onshore company is a legal term meaning a financial centre without tax exemptions regardless of whether a company operates in this region or outside its borders. This is a common company in a traditional tax jurisdiction. An onshore area is used in the international space for the purpose of avoiding a double taxation and intending to emphasize the solidity of a company. Both offshore and onshore companies are allowed to register in the same jurisdiction. An onshore is acknowledged the companies registered pursuant to special laws regulating company operations. A certain advantages may be used by companies registered in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore.


Do not hesitate to approach us with regard to registration of companies in target areas or registration of onshore companies. We shall try to find out the solution complying the best with your needs and expectations.


UAB “Anra Investicija” provides accounting and auditing services

Accounting&Bookkeeping&Consultancy are provided pursuant to laws of the Republic of Lithuania, the Business Accounting Standards, the Government Resolutions and other national and European legislation.
Accounting services that we provide include comprehensive management and regulation of your company finance. We pay the particular attention to the quality of the provided services and we really take care for our costumers. We shall aim to fulfill your expectations.

Accounting&Bookkeeping Services – from processing of primary documents to preparation and submission of statements. We may also arrange neglected accounting for previous periods. This service includes processing of primary documents and preparation and submission of specified statements for proper institutions and heads.


  • Registration of purchase and sale invoices;
  • Registration of bank operations;
  • Registration of cash operations;
  • Booking of long-term and short-term assets;
  • Booking of debts;
  • Booking of accountable persons;
  • Calculation of wages and registration thereof in accounting;
  • Drawing up and submission of tax returns and statements for supervisory state institutions;
  • Annual financial statements;
  • Statements for a company management
  • VAT code introduce.


Additional services:

  • Drawing up staff documentation (employment contracts, orders, certificates, etc.);
  • Arrangement of neglected accounting.

Plan modules / tariffs:



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UAB “Anra Investicija” provides companies administration and superintendence services

We offer to:

  • Maintain a register of companies;
  • Organize meetings of the shareholders;
  • Analyse and prepare corporative documents;
  • Prepare legal contracts, agreements (at least in 2 languages);
  • Get VAT and EORI code;
  • Prepare business Plans – tenders, structural funds;
  • Advice on business plans;
  • Help select company staff;
  • Represent the company to the public institutions, banks;
  • Provide phone, fax services;
  • Rent and purchase real estate.

JSC “Anra Investicija” provides legal services to companies

Legal services are provided for both legal entities and natural persons with the seat in Lithuania and abroad. While the provision of the services of high quality, we are focusing on the formation of long-term relationship and not on a short-term commercial success.

  1. Legal services for legal entities and natural persons.
  • Consultancy on matters related to conclusion, implementation, termination, amendment of contracts and drawing up annexes.
  • Drawing up various contracts.
  1. Drawing up documentation of legal entities, founding of legal entities.
  • Consultancy on matters related to foundation.
  • Arrangement of foundation of any legal entity, branch and representative office.
  • Consultancy and drawing up documentation related to formation, increase and decrease of authorised capital.
  • Assistance in a company registration/removal thereof from a register in the UE and other countries.
  1. Transformation, reorganisation, sale and liquidation of legal entities (in Lithuania).
  • Procedure for increase/decrease of authorised capital of a public limited liability company.
  1. Consultancy on matters related to migration.
  • Consultancy on matters related to foreigners’ work and residence in Lithuania, issue of a temporary and permanent residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania as well as on issues concerned with foreigners’ employment in the Republic of Lithuania.
  1. Consultancy on matters related to taxes.
  • Consultancy on matters related to a company taxes.
  • Consultancy for natural persons on matters concerned with tax return.
  • Filing in tax returns, applications, notices.
  1. Consultancy on matters related to labour law.
  • Drawing up documentation used in different types of employment relationships: individual employment contracts, collective contracts, occupational safety and health protection documentation, staff regulations, rules of procedure, material liability contracts, documentation requisite for employment of foreigners. Drawing up other documentation regulating employment relationships: agreements on termination of an employment contract, other agreements between an employee and employer.

The partner of the Private Limited Liability Company ‘Anra Investicija’ – the Private Limited Liability Insurance Brokerage Company ‘Aukštaitijos Draudimo Brokeris‘ provide all insurance services:


  • Assesses insurance risk, collets insurance offers supplied by insurance companies and summarises thereof for a customer, concludes insurance contracts;
  • Consults customers, manages insurance portfolio, prepares recommendations for risk decrease;
  • Manages insurance contracts (terminates, reforms, prolongs, etc.) and insurance contributions;
  • Consults by telephone at the time convenient for a customer;
  • At a customer’s request, submits more detailed information about insurance companies and insurance market.

UAB Anra Investicija donates children basketball team from Plunge.


Organizes annual checkers tournament.

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There are two free trade zones in Lithuania, located in economically significant state regions. Free trade zones have to create favourable conditions for business development ensuring areas with developed material and legal infrastructure prepared for operations, additional services and tax exemptions. Free trade zones shall exist until 2019.

The free trade zone of Klaipeda is a part of multimodal transport centre network. Its size amounts to  200 hectares.

The free trade zone of Klaipeda occupies a strategic place perfectly suited for companies which aim to transfer or develop manufacture, establish distribution centres and minimise logistic problems.

The free trade zone of Klaipeda is situated in the second largest city of Lithuania and in one of the biggest trade centre of the Baltic States. It is planned that the free trade zone of Klaipeda shall become one of the biggest free trade zone in the Baltic States. Its size shall amount to 500 hectares.

For the purpose of achievement a work permit in the Lithuanian free trade zone, any investment of not less than EUR 1 million to Lithuanian economy is required (a company equity – assets and turnover should amount to not less than EUR 1 million).

The following commercial activities are promoted in free trade zones: supply of gas, water and electricity; construction; retail and wholesale; hotel and restaurant business; transport and logistics; real estate business; education and health care; publishing business; service business; manufacture of tobacco products.

Free trade zones do not apply profit tax within the first 6 years and apply 50% of profit tax exemption for the next 10 years. Land tax is subject to 50% discount during the whole time of operation. A dividend tax and a real estate tax are not applied for foreign investors.

Lithuanian and foreign companies which decided to develop their operation in the Lithuanian market may use support provided by EU Structural and Investment Funds. The financial support is provided for projects of three categories filed by public of private applicants: social projects, business investment projects and scientific research corporation and technology development projects.

For the purpose of the set up a wide network of partners and following the Agency or Partnership Agreement, we offer commissions for the below mentioned services:

  • Sale of European companies;
  • Opening of a bank account;
  • Receipt of a temporary residence permit (migration services);
  • Sale of service packet (a company + a temporary residence permit);

Conditions compulsory for conclusion Agency or Partnership Agreement:

  • Number of agents or partners is unlimited;
  • An agent or a partner may be both natural persons and legal entities;
  • An agent and a partner are required to be communicative and to have proper qualification and experience;
  • An agent and a partner are required to participate in paid training courses arranged in our company. Upon the completion of the aforementioned training courses, the participants shall be granted the certificate allowing to commence agency and partnership operations.


Below presented JSC “Anra Investicija” prices for companies registration, bank accounts opening, migration services and other services by country. Select country you are interested.


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